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"Dr S. is amazing! Every session is important in progressing. It’s a true partnership.

So grateful for her patience with me too!"

AB, 56

"Dr. Samuelson has been so attentive to my health and well-being. She takes the time required to find meaningful solutions and treatments that are unique to me. She incorporates my mental and emotional health into my personalized treatment and it has made a huge impact on my overall health."

MM, 32

"My appointment was wonderful. I felt heard and seen and truly listened to. Thank you!!" 

LL, 36

"Working with Dr. Lindsay Samuelson has been a major game changer for my healing journey. She is a genuine person and a professional expert that has a unique and multifaceted perspective on healing. Her devotion to her field and to her patients can be felt at each appointment through her unwavering presence, empathic listening and masterful skills. She has a rare gift in treating the whole person with an impeccable balance of wisdom, knowledge, experience and humbleness. I consider myself greatly privileged to be her patient.” 

CL, 51

"We all need to take ownership for ourselves. We need to make our own right decisions. Lindsay Samuelson helps make this possible for everyone. Her gentleness, encouragement, and support enable you to, as Gandhi once advised be the change in the world you want to see. A visit with her is a remedy for discouragement." 

RN, 78

"I am so glad I found Dr. Lindsay Samuelson, she is absolutely an amazing person. From the first appointment I actually felt like I had a Dr. who was listening to me and trying to get to the bottom of my issues instead of slapping on a band aid. She is attentive, empathetic, and supportive. A great find!”

NO, 32

"As a parent, finding the right healthcare provider for your child's needs can be a daunting task. However, our experience with Dr. Lindsay has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I'm compelled to share our journey.

Dr. Lindsay came highly recommended to us when we were seeking alternative treatments for our son's health and behavior issues. From our first consultation, it was evident that she was passionate about her work and showed expertise, compassion, and dedication.

What sets Dr. Lindsay apart is her genuine concern for her patients' well-being. She took the time to listen attentively to our concerns, thoroughly examined our son's medical history, and tailored a treatment plan specifically for him.

Under her care, our son experienced remarkable improvements in his health and behavior. Dr. Lindsay guided us every step of the way, offering invaluable advice and support, and always making herself available for any questions or concerns we had. Thanks to Dr. Lindsay's expertise and compassionate care, our son is now thriving, and we couldn't be more grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Lindsay to any parent seeking alternative healthcare solutions for their child. She is a true healer in every sense of the word."

BP,  38

"I have been seeing Dr. Samuelson for many years now. She was part of my team when I went through Colon cancer (2017), and I have been seeing her ever since. 


The location is great, very easy to get to, nice part of town, and I love the old house, turned into a holistic medical one stop shop, with benefits (crystals and gifts for purchase)! 


Dr. Samuelson is an all-around great person, friendly, nice, professional but in relaxed way. A way that makes you feel like welcomed and she takes your issues seriously without judgement. She may not have the answer right then, but she does do her homework and gets back to you with remedies or suggestions, or tells you more is needed. She doesn't waste your money and tries to work within your budget. She never forces any ideas or suggestions on you, it is all on what the two of you have agreed on, and she lets you make the final call on any treatment. She wants to treat the root of the problem and help manage the symptoms, not just treat the symptoms like most other medical professionals. 


Dr. Samuelson is well educated, and the remedies or suggestions she have given me, have proven to work well. I now go in every 6 months to catch up on my health with her, and I feel better for it. I still keep my traditional doctor as I need to have a life line to options she is unable to authorize due to the medical industries rules on Naturopathic and Holistic doctors. The laws need to change! I highly recommend giving Dr. Samuelson a try if you feel no one else has helped you, or if you want help before issues arise." 

SG,  64

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