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Can Naturopathic Medicine Help Me?

Naturopathic Medicine blends cutting edge medical research with ancient therapeutic practices providing a scope and depth of knowledge not found in our current medical model.  Trained as primary care physicians, Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) attend a 4-year post-graduate medical school and study the same subjects as their MD counterparts.  In addition, each graduate trains all 4 years in each of the following modalities: Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Botanical Medicine, Physical Medicine, and Nutrition.

This intensive education produces doctors that can view the patient through numerous lenses and approach dis-ease in a multi-faceted way.  Naturopathic Doctors treat each patient's case uniquely and offer a variety of therapies to fit the individual.  Some of these modalities include lifestyle modification based on traditional techniques, herbalism,  homeopathy, supplementation, detoxification and hydrotherapy.   

In my practice, I see patients of all ages.  Although this form of medicine focuses on treating the individual and not the particular diagnosis, some examples of the conditions I see in my practice are:


Autoimmune Conditions        

Behavioral Issues          

Cardiovascular Disease

Chronic Infections

Chronic Pain          

Endocrine Pathology

Gynecological issues

Eating Disorders

Environmental Sensitivities/Toxicity



Gastrointestinal Conditions

Genitourinary Disorders


Inflammatory Conditions



Neurological Complaints

Night terrors



Psychological Conditions

Respiratory Problems

Sexual Dysfunction

Skin Conditions

If you are an individual looking to improve your mental, emotional or physical health then Naturopathic Medicine can help you.  Whatever the diagnosis you may have received or if you are just seeking preventative care, a Naturopathic Doctor offers tools and techniques to assist the body in healing itself.  

For even more information on Naturopathic Medicine, please click here.

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